Your child doesn't need to struggle with Maths

Reduce anxiety and improve their maths grades with small amounts of extra practice.

Access pre-recorded webinars on the most popular GCSE Higher and Foundation topics, at the incredibly affordable price of £2.50 to £4 an hour.

Live and Pre-recorded Training

Our calls are hosted online giving you the perfect way to learn from home.

All key areas covered

In depth GCSE Foundation and Higher learning

Pay as you go

Credits cost between £4 and £2.50 depending on how many you buy

Numeracy skills have got worse, not better

Proportion of working age adults in England with skills levels equivalent to GCSE "C" grade or above

High numeracy is connected to better...

Health and wellbeing, employment prospects and higher wages

False beliefs

30% wrongly assume that maths is a skill you are born with, rather than a skill that can be learnt

A YouGov poll in 2017 revealed a quarter of people (25%) said they do not feel confident with Maths and half of adults (51%) wanted to improve their numeracy or everyday Maths skills.Data sources: Skills for Life 2011; PIAAC 2014; National Numeracy YouGov Survey 2014

5 biggest concerns that parents have in the classroom, and how I dispel them

How I want my child to learn, in the ideal environment.

Free from distractions

I want my child to learn free from other children’s distractions – Each child has a quiet environment (their home) with no opportunity to be disturbed.

Get involved

I want my child to ‘get involved’ in class but I know they are afraid of what others might think and so won’t speak up – No problem, no-one else knows them in this learning environment.

Use their time better

I want my child’s time to be used efficiently in lessons they need – Choose which lessons you attend, you make it bespoke, based on what you need to learn.

Join in

I want to be able to support my child’s learning, but my Maths skills are rusty – Join the lesson, and learn together.

Feel confident

I want to feel confident that my child ‘gel’s’ with their teacher – come to your first lesson for free, and see if we gel : if not, no problem.

Maths is a skill that can be learnt and mastered

We can ALL improve our Maths : it's a skill like any other, and with practice, patience and the ‘right’ teacher you’d be amazed at what you can do.

Returning, revisiting and revising previous work to combat Ebbinghaus’s Forgetting Curve

There is a better way for your child to improve at Maths and for you to support them along the way.

Maths Unlocked

With Chris Adams

Is a unique new online training programme designed to help your child gain more confidence with their Maths and achieve better results.

Why pay £40 / hour (and in some cases £80/hour) when you can join an online lesson (of your choosing) for a 1/10th of the price?

What makes Maths Unlocked so different to other online training?





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Meet Chris

Hi, I'm Chris Adams

WHY I love Maths and how I can get others to love it too.

I have always enjoyed Maths, the simplicity, and precision of it. 

The elegance and grace. 

The undeniable, and irrefutable certainty of it.

But what I love more than all those things, is enabling others to see this as well. 

In a world filled with chaos and opinions, debate and debacle 1 + 1 has always been 2, and will always be 2, and everyone on the planet understands that it is 2.

Maths transcends language, culture, religion and race; it is a global unifier and permeates to the heart of everything. 

With an appreciation for its beauty “I would adopt the idea that anyone who teaches Maths needs a deep understanding of the conceptual building of Maths and of how children learn that,” 
Anne Watson, emeritus professor of Maths Teaching at Oxford University



And unlock your child's Maths results

How It WOrks

Disclaimer: There is no way to guarantee a Grade 4, or Grade 9 in Maths, in the same way no one can promise you a Gold medal. What I can promise is that with extra work, clear direction, and a commitment to improve, YOU WILL IMPROVE. Henry Ford said it best ‘Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t – you’re right”

Payment plans

Any numbers of credits can be bought for your account to use at any time.

1-4 Credits

£4 Per Credit

5-9 Credits

£3 Per Credit

10+ Credits

£2.50 Per Credit

Get 1 free credit when you regsiter

Frequently Asked Questions

So, you have questions? Let us try to answer those for you...

Q. How does my site differ from other home learning / tuition packages?

A. Maths Unlocked is about only paying for the lessons you wish to attend.

There are no monthly charges, or subscriptions, you can attend 1 lesson, or 100 lessons.

You create your own bespoke experience.

Q. Do I need to register for an account?

A. You will need to register for an account to access the lesson library.

If you do register, then you can download the videos to your video library, and purchase (for 1 credit) past lessons you may have missed.

Q. What are my qualifications?

A. I have been a fully qualified Secondary Maths specialist for the past 21 years, with experience of teaching Year 7 – Year 13, including Further Maths.

I am currently Head of Year 11 Maths

I have been an Advanced Pastoral Leader for 16 Years.

Q. How can Maths support be delivered so inexpensively?

A. During the school closure of the Coronavirus pandemic, schools used online learning to great effect. By using the same technologies, classes can be delivered with numerous students in attendance, and as such lowering the price of each attendee.

Q. What resources are used in the lessons?

A. There are great range of resources used, from bingo games, White Rose Mastery Resources, Variation Theory Pages, Same Surface Different Depth sheets, GeoGebra Applets, and the list goes on. The package will be as varied and comprehensive as my Maths classroom.

Q. What is the Shanghai model of teaching?

A. Shanghai adopts a ‘teaching for mastery’ approach, in which there is no setting, with larger class sizes. The teachers cover less and make smaller incremental movements forward, ensuring the class move together as one, using repetition until it’s truly understood.

Q. Can I access these resources myself?

A. There are a great many free resources on the web to support with Mathematics

However, the experience of teaching over 2000 students and seeing how they learn and the misconceptions they have, has enabled me to develop and prepare resources in the right sequence to elicit maximum understanding.

Q. My child has Maths anxiety, how can I help?

A. Having an understanding of where Maths anxiety comes from will help, but it’s worth remembering most of those with high Maths anxiety scored normal to high results on curriculum Maths tests.

Maths anxiety comes from pressure and humiliation of getting it wrong, either from home, their peers, or a previous teacher.

The most important thing to do, is remove the fear by encouraging and reminding students that ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ are irrelevant. In the online lesson approach, students will not have to contribute, although they will be encouraged to do so.

Q. How do you differentiate in a large online class?

A. There are plenty of opportunities for differentiation. By carefully designing the lessons and activities, a range of abilities can be catered for in the same session.

Those pupils who grasp concepts quickly are challenged with rich and sophisticated problems.

Often, students understand how to complete work, without truly understanding why … and it’s the development of why which builds exceptional Mathematicians.

Q. Can I cancel anytime?

A. Yes, simply use up your credits and don’t purchase any more. There is no cooling off period, you can buy 1 or 100 credits, it's your choice. One quick email and I will remove you from the mailing list.

Q. Are there any hidden charges?

A. No, the only thing you will pay for are the credits you wish to purchase.

It will be cheaper to buy 5 rather than 4 credits, and equally it will be cheaper to buy 10 rather than 9 credits, however you may buy as many or as few as you wish.

Q. Do the lessons follow the National Curriculum?

A. No, the topics have all been chosen as the most common topics which have appeared over the last 4 years of exams

Q. Can my child get some extra, outside the sessions, help from you?

A. I am afraid this won’t be possible, and they should speak to their regular Maths teacher in school.

Q. Can I request support with specific topics?

A. No, I am afraid not.

Due to the nature of this business, any further support your child needs with Maths should come from their regular Maths teacher. There are also a plethora of free websites available which can support your child with their Maths.

Q. Can my child ask a question in the session?

A. Students will be able to use the chat function in live lessons to give feedback, and ask questions, but the answers will be absorbed into the teaching, rather than as a direct or specific response.Questions are not possible in pre-recorded sessions.

Q. What safeguarding practices do you operate under?

A. Please find the acceptable use code of conduct on my website which your children are expected to read and acknowledge before joining a class.

If there is anything at all that you’re not certain about, anything we haven’t made clear in the FAQ’s, or if you have any concerns or questions then please contact me on and I will help.